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Chance Song Paintings


The paintings and pieces of music are directed by a set of rules and a twenty-four sided dice.  Each piece of music corresponds with a painting so the viewer can listen while looking at the painting.

In a Chance Song Painting there are systematically seven colours which run in this order:


Red, orange, yellow, green, Blue, indigo & violet, which respond to seven musical keys:

A, B,     C, D,   E,   F,         G.  

Starting from ‘red A’ in the centre of the painting and at the beginning of the music, the colour and key follows their chance instructions.  Then continuing again with ‘orange B’ thus slowly creates one flowing line of spectrum colour and musical keys, finishing at ‘violet G’.

1618 René Descartes made a colour music wheel where sound wave frequencies related to light frequencies, this was developed by many other scientists such as Roy De Maistre and Newton. These pieces of art use this concept with in the colour and musical key changes.


Glass and a light diffuser, steel. chance computer music.


Small 480 x 480mm   x8