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Rotator Video / Rutt Etra Patch demonstrating patching modules and techniques.

Rotator Audio Patch demonstrating patching modules and techniques.


The Rotator is a powerful analogue processor that creates a three dimensional image on any XY oscilloscope or vector monitor. You can input Eurorack audio and/or Video frequencies to make your image, patch 2 Quadrature LFO modules to rotate at your desired speed creating an array of movement and visual effects……


This project is a collaboration between Elliottart and Sixty Four Pixels to raise funding to make a minimum of 20 modules. They will be available for pre-order at £395 on a first come first serve basis. There will be a waiting time of 11 to 13 months due to us awaiting parts for manufacture. We really are looking forward to getting these modules out there to you all.


Anthony Elliott has been experimenting with electronics, sculpture, video & sound for over 20 years. Creating installations focused on shape and movement. His labour of love has been to combine all of these interests to make a video/sound system, finally creating his hand made Rotator module. Jason Hotchkiss founded Sixty Four Pixels, designs and builds sophisticated electronic midi based instruments. Jason has used his pcb layout design and manufacture skills to create the layout of the pcbs. It has been such a get experience working together by combining years of experience and knowledge, it has been a pleasure to work on this new venture.


Module Dimensions: 128mm / 71mm / 40mm

Inputs: X Y & Z with attenuation knobs

CV in:  Quadrature 0° 90° / 0° 90° (+/- 2V) recommend: [Doepfer A-143-9 QLFO Voltage Controlled Quadrature LFO ]

Outputs BNC  & 3.5mm jack

Converter: 0.1V converted to +/-5V this can then be then patched I into X Y & Z Inputs

Audio Sync Patch

Rutt Etra Patch