aluminium, braid, lead, paint

Interplay, considers the structures, relationships and tools of classical music in works by contemporary artists. In particular, it looks at the hierarchy of the orchestra and notation, the quest for perfection, the formal relationship between the audience and as well as the values attributed to music and its instruments.
In this exhibition, Cornelia Parker explores the form, volume and prestige of instruments by exhibiting a pair of brass instruments, only one has been flattened by a steam roller – removing its functionality as an instrument but elevating it to the status of an art object. Aleen Cambell’s Rehearsal Room is a video showing voice work highlighting not only gender stereotypes in singing but also rigours of practice and the hidden barriers between performer and audience. Whilst Anthony Elliott transforms musical notation into sculptural form with Constructivist-inspired staves and forms cascading through space rather than time. Terry Smith’s Broken Voices is an ongoing sound and video work developed from a collaboration with the singer Linda Hirst and Ian Dearden. It uses Monteverdi score as the starting point to develop performances through improvation, discussion and rehearsal allowing insight into what is behind a performance in its own right. Through their works, the artists playfully highlight aspects of classical music that oscillate between the genesis, process and performance, showing the unseen and questioning preconceptions of the genre and its relation to other genres of music and art.

steel, powder, coated

galvanised steel

steel, acrylic, circuit boards wire, paint